Tips To Know Before Filing a Truck Accident Claim

Getting into an accident with any motor vehicle can be a very devastating but it's even worse when the accident is involving a lorry. The size and weight of a truck make it rather difficult to control in case of a crash hence more damage and casualties. Whether the accident is fatal or less, you and your loved ones deserve compensation regarding medical bill, rehabilitation, physical and mental pain, car damage and lost wages.

The truck industry, however, has more rules that need to be followed including;

The need to have all the documentations

  • The truck needs to be licensed
  • The truck has limited working hours
  • The truck has limitations on the weight, size, and route.
  • Trucks have insurance minimums.

The laws in most companies state that any company that owes the truck permit is responsible for the accidents regardless of whether the person driving the truck at that time was the owner/ contractor or employees; this came about because most truck companies could not take liability. Visit here to read more on the laws.

What are the steps to follow a truck accident as occurred?

  1. Call the police to file an accident report regardless of the damage.
  2. Seek medical attention.
  3. Takes photographs, information from witnesses if you are not badly hurt.
  4. Contact the insurance company and file a report, state the facts of the accident but make sure not to elaborate and give too much information
  5. Contact a truck accident lawyer who can advise you on the magnitude and help you with the case. They can also be able to get some evidence from the scene that will be helpful in the claims case.

It’s essential to use an experienced lawyer who knows how to get the initial recommendations and laws regarding trucks because it is different than just a car accident. When trucks are involved, their many regulations hence more laws around it