Causes of 18-Wheeler Accidents

18-wheelers and semi-trucks are large, powerful vehicles that are widely used for transporting everything from mobile homes to sand. While these trucks are important for transporting awkward, unwieldy items as well as regular packages, they can also cause devastating accidents. There are several common causes of 18-wheeler accidents that can harm you and those you love. 

First, a major concern for trucking accidents is employer negligence. If a trucking company employer does not follow certain regulations or act in a responsible manner, it can lead to both unsafe drivers on the road as well as potentially fatal truck defects. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has Hours-of-Service rules that regulate the schedule of a driver. If a trucking company fails to follow these rules, it can put drowsy truck drivers on the road. Additionally, trucking companies are also responsible for making sure their drivers are licensed and experienced. 

Next, trucking company negligence can also include a lack of maintenance or faulty maintenance. Semi-trucks and 18-wheelers require frequent maintenance to help protect a truck against the wear and tear of driving thousands of miles every month. If a trucking company decides to save money by using old, worn tires, it can cause the truck to lose control, leading to accidents like jack-knifing. Should maintenance crews fail to notice defects or forget to perform necessary service, these mistakes can also lead to disaster. 

Lastly, all truck drivers, whether they are independent contractors, self-employed, or members of a trucking company, have certain responsibilities while they are on the road. They must drive with caution, carefully loading their cargo so that it is balanced. They must also have the experience to handle curvy roads, steep roads, and other driving conditions. Also, they should recognize potential hazards like bad weather and know when to stop driving. 

Frustratingly, trucking companies, maintenance crews, and drivers do not always act as responsibly as they should. If you have been hurt due to trucking company negligence, lack of maintenance, or reckless truck drivers, you can fight back against this carelessness.

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