The Occurrence of truck accidents

There is an increase in accidents worldwide caused by commercial trucks. These trucks present distinctive dangers to other small vehicles and the passengers. Both the truck drivers and other drivers need to take caution of the dangers resulting from their unwieldy and large vehicles. . 
Sometimes drivers assume minor driving errors such as failing to signal before passing, this can result to a fatal accident where large wheeled trucks are involved at a high speed. Read here
You may ask who is to blame when such accidents occur. Mostly, drivers of small vehicles are the ones who usually are to blame for traffic accidents than the truck drivers. But, unsafe act committed by small vehicle drivers mostly has to do with the ignorance of truck drivers. This is associated with visibility, braking and acceleration. Therefore, it should not always be that only small vehicles drivers are the ones to blame but also truck drivers. 
It is expected that truck drivers are well trained, however a number of things that may contribute to traffic accident involving trucks are: Lack of adequate training as to safety concern, defensive driving and driving techniques. System of compensation; this encourages faster speed driving than what is normally advisable. There is also setting of unrealistic schedules and expectation of the management of the trucks which encourages drivers to assume safety on the roads. Learn more
May be at one point you have been involved in an accident with commercial trucks and the blame was shifted to you, you should always know that, that’s how truck drivers operate .But you should take your stand and tell them that either one of you is to take responsibility not only you. Mostly, the manufacturer and the truck drivers take higher responsibility, so if you get involved in an accident with those trucks and it is proved that they are the ones on the wrong, the manufacturer or the truck driver may reimburse you for the injury caused to you. Click here