Is MIP a Criminal Offense?

As you may have noticed, accusations of a minor in possession of alcohol (MIC) or a minor consuming alcohol (MCA) or furnishing liquor to a minor is a serious offense that is punishable by the law. Depending on the state, the laws may vary from one state to another, though the difference is usually insignificant. In Carlifonia state law and most of the other states laws, enforcers, the courts and prosecutors are very strict and firm when it comes to such issues.

What is a minor in possession?

A minor in possession refers is a misdemeanor or a criminal offense. In the United States anyone who is below the age of 21 years and happens to be in possession of alcohol, is violating the law and could face serious jail time. Check out this site for more info.

The minor in possession laws were specifically created for three main reasons, to educate the minors about some of the dangers of alcohol consumption, acquire chemical and substance treatment for minors and finally involve the minors in public service.

What are the punishments for an MIP offense?

Depending on the state, the offender is likely to face potential jail time, fines, and the effects of such offenses usually have a long term effect. You might be thinking that this is a silly offense or charge and you might be also angry. In California a first time offender is likely to get his/ her driving license suspended for a period of one year. If the minor does not have one, his or her license will be delayed for a full year after the conviction.

Most states and countries are usually lenient with first time offenders. But as the convictions increases so does the severity. States like Missouri can convict you for just appearing intoxicated. In addition, for one to be convicted for an MIP you do not necessarily have to driving, just by holding a can or bottle of unopened beer can get you arrested.

If you have been found in possession of alcohol, younger than the required drinking age, made an attempt to purchase alcohol or consumed alcohol is more than enough to get one convicted. If you have been arrested for an MIP it is highly advisable to seek for legal advice from a lawyer or go online and look for an MIP Defense lawyer.